How to use an Arabic keyboard online for anything you need to write

Do you occasionally need to write something in Arabic, but do not have an Arabic keyboard on your laptop or computer? Have you been borrowing a friend's computer just to be able to type simple messages in Arabic?

If so, there really is no need for you to ever borrow someone else's computer just to write something in Arabic. You can do that on your own computer simply by using an online Arabic keyboard.

What is an Arabic online keyboard -- This is a keyboard that is set up on a website online. To use it, all you need is a mouse.

How to use an Arabic keyboard online -- Go to the Arabic keyboard online website and, once the site has loaded, you will see an empty text box at the top of the page with Arabic lettering below it similar to an actual arabic keyboard.

Use your mouse to click on each Arabic symbol and, as you do, the message you are writing will appear in the text box. You can then highlight the text and copy it. Go to the website, letter or report you want to have Arabic script on and hit the 'paste' controls. Your Arabic message will then appear there, just as if you had typed it there in the first place.

Where can you use typing from an online Arabic keyboard? -- You can use an online keyboard to type in a short message, write an email or a letter or, in some cases, even use it to write a report.

You just need to make sure that every time you do, you copy the written text and paste it to the place you wanted to write it before you close out the Arabic keyboard website. Otherwise you will lose what you have written.